I piatti di Giovanna
“La Scampagnata” or The Italian Picnic

After the great success of last year’s scampagnata,
here is a new picnic packed with many delicious dishes of the Italian culinary tradition.

Personalise your menu with your own choice of frittata, torta salata, insalata e crostata.
I also list a group of dishes that you can add to your picnic.

You will need your hamper, with plates, cutlery and glasses plus drinks.
I will organise your food down to the last detail.

Some dishes can be modified in advance to cater for special dietary requirements: please call me to discuss.
Book 48 hours in advance to give me time to acquire the ingredients and do the cooking.
You can collect your picnic food from my home or I can deliver it to you in the Windrush Valley.

Enjoy the good weather with your scampagnata!


Schiacciata Traditional oven-baked flat Tuscan bread with oil and rosemary

Affettati Selection of Italian cured meats

Formaggi Selection of local cheeses

Verdure grigliate Grilled aubergines, zucchini and peppers

Torta salata o Frittata Savoury Tart or Omelette

Insalata Salad

Frutta fresca Seasonal fruit

Torta Sweet Tart

Price £32.00 pp for a min. of two people

Personalise your “scampagnata” with your choice of…

Torte salate
Savoury Tarts

ai porri
Leek Tart

agli asparagi
Asparagus tart

ai funghi porcini, cipolle rosse e mascarpone
Porcini, red onions and mascarpone cheese


Frittata di patate, cipolle, piselli
Omelette with potato, onion, peas

Frittata di zucchine
Omelette with zucchini


Insalata di erbe miste con fete e semi vari
Mixed leaves, feta and seeds

Pomodori, mozzarella e basilico
Tomatoes, mozzarella & basil

Pollo, rucola, pancetta, pomodori sott’olio
Chicken, rocket, pancetta & sun-dried tomato

Sweet tarts

Crostata di frutta
Fruit tart

Torta della nonna
Custard and almond tart

Crostata di limone
Lemon tart

Crostata di cioccolato
Chocolate tart

You can also add…
(prices below are for two portions)

Sticks of carrots, celery, red pepper £3.50


di barbabietola
beetroot £5

di ceci
chickpeas £5

di peperoni
nuts and red pepper £5


Made from potato, spices and egg. The mixture is divided in small parts, made in rounded shapes, covered in bread crumbs and fried £12

Made with meat, potato, spices and egg. The mixture is divided in small parts, made in rounded shapes, covered in bread crumbs and fried £15

Arancini di riso
Made with rice, meat ragu, peas and caciocavallo cheese. These delightful balls of rice are coated in breadcrumbs and fried, but also contain a succulent filling £15

Arancine di riso
Made with rice, ham and caciocavallo cheese. The same as the above, but with a different filling £15


Cannoli alla ricotta e cioccolato, alla crema, al cioccolato e alla crema caramellata
Roll of puff pastry filled with ricotta & chocolate, crème pâtissière, chocolate cream or caramel crème pâtissière £12

I grew up in Florence in a classic Italian family that is still extremely, sometimes infuriatingly fussy about the food they eat. They will admit only the best ingredients, and those are usually grown on the family estate,
situated on the hills around Florence.

My parents still produce their own wine, olive oil, vegetables and fruit for themselves and others to enjoy.

I learned cooking when I was a little girl from my mother and my grandmother. My recipes are made with local ingredients from the Cotswolds and some Italian ingredients, including some products of our family estate. I make all the dishes myself, including the bread and the pasta, which I roll out by hand with the matterello, the long wooden rolling pin.

I piatti di Giovanna, Dairy Cottage, Sherborne, Gloucestershire
email: gdp.interiors@mac.com
blog: https://ipiattidigiovanna.wordpress.com

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