Autumn Menu

My Autumn Menu is now out!

Autumn, season of mists and mellow fruitfulness! a time of harvest and hunting.

Mushrooms, figs, walnuts, apples, truffles and game are among the wonderful ingredients in the Tuscan kitchen at this time of the year.

A selection of seasonal canapés, fresh pasta with rich sauces, creamy risottos, tasty, tender game and fruity desserts, make this menu irresistible. Perfect for a special meal during these colourful days or for a hunting weekend


Vol au vent con crema di funghi

Vol-au-vent with mushrooms

Crostini con paté di fegatini e tartufo

Chicken liver pâté and truffles on toasted bread

Bocconcini di sformato di ricotta alle erbe

Ricotta, parmesan and herb flan

Polenta fritta con crema di funghi

Fried polenta with mushrooms

Involtini di prosciutto con caprino e fichi

Parma ham roll, filled with Windrush Valley goat cheese and figs

Primi piatti

Taglierini al tartufo

Homemade pasta with butter and fresh truffles

Lasagna ai funghi

Homemade pasta lasagna with mushroom and béchamel sauce

Risotto alla Milanese

Rice with saffron and parmesan


Homemade bread stew with beans, kale, potato, carrot, onion, tomato and thyme

Secondi piatti

Peposo dell’Impruneta

Il Peposo is a dish typical of Impruneta, a village in the hills around Florence, famous for the production of terracotta pots and tiles.

Legend has it that Filippo Brunelleschi came across this dish while he was directing the work on the dome of Sanata Maria del Fiore, Florence’s famous cathedral. 

Although the exact methodology used by Brunelleschi to erect the cupola remains a mystery, we are certain that only the best materials were used, such as the Carrara marble and the Terracotta tiles from Impruneta.

With no time to lose and with so many tiles to fire up, labourers at Impruneta’s furnace worked morning to night. Those in charge of preparing lunch had only a few coins to buy ingredients, so they decided to cook secondary meat cuts that were chopped into chunks and cooked with pepper corns in terracotta pots. The meat cooked near the big oven, but slowly, until tender. They say that it was Brunelleschi himself, impressed by the taste of this stew, who suggested adding Chianti to the dish to make it even better.

The long cooking of the meat, immersed in the wine with the herbs and garlic, creates a tasty dish, to be served even in parties or on important occasions.

Cervo in umido

Venison casserole with herbs & spices

Faraona in salmì

Salmis of Guinea fowl

Crespelle alla Fiorentina con zucca e pecorino

Crêpes with pumpkin and pecorino cheese


Polenta fritta

Fried polenta

Fagioli lessi conditi

Broad beans with olive oil

Bietola o Spinaci

Lightly steamed chard or spinach

Verdure di stagione in forno

Roasted seasonal vegetables


Meringato leggero

A marron glacé cream on a base of meringue

Schiacciata con l’uva

 Traditionally prepared during the vendemmia, or wine grape harvest, with grapes that would otherwise be discarded. Schiacciata con l’uva is made by layering grapes between and on top of two thin sheets of bread dough, and seasoning everything with sugar, olive oil and rosemary  The use of some savoury elements like olive oil and rosemary in a sweet dish may strike you as odd, but it actually works, and gives the dish its unique character

Crostata alla marmellata di more e ricotta

Ricotta & Sherborne’s blackberry jam Tart

Pere cotte con miele e zafferano

Poached pears with saffron and honey served with crème fraîche

Crostata di frutta di stagione

Seasonal fruit Tart


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