Christmas, Let’s make it special!

L’Italia in festa

A celebration of Italian culinary dishes

A canapés menu for your Christmas drinks party, with some delicious regional dishes. 

A complete full-course meal in the form of canapés, made with some of the best Italian and local products of the Cotswolds


from Piedmont, Vol au vent con fonduta piemontese

Vol au vent with fondue and truffle


from Liguria, Pansotti alla Genovese

Fresh pasta parcels filled with Windrush Valley goat cheese, spinach and walnuts


from Sicily, Gamberi con la conza

Prawns with almonds, bread crumbs and parmesan cheese


from Lazio, Zucchine fritte alla Romana

Fried zucchini


from Tuscany, Polenta con Peposo

Fried polenta, with a beef, garlic, herb, red wine and black pepper stew.


from Sicily, Arance con Miele e pistacchi

Sicilian orange segments with Cotswold honey and pistachios


from Puglia, Fichi al cioccolato

Dried figs with dark chocolate


from Florence, Meringato leggero

Meringue with cream, chestnut purée and chocolate


I piatti di Giovanna 

tel. 01451844450  email:

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