Making gnocchi

Last Thursday, for my supper club, I made gnocchi for 21 people! You need lots of gnocchi for 21 people….

Here’s my grandma’s recipe for 6 people:

500gr of red potatoes

100gr of flour

100gr semola (semolina)

50gr parmesan cheese

2 chopped sage leaves

1 egg


Peel the potatoes and boil them in salty water. When they are cooked, drain and crush them with a fork. Add the flour, semola, parmesan cheese and salt. Work the dough with your hand until it becomes a round smooth ball. Divide it into several rolls and cut each roll to make little gnocchi, 1cm in length.

Cook them in boiling, salted water for only 2 mins.

Flavour your gnocchi with your favourite sauce: pesto, ragú, tomato sauce, butter and cheese etc.

My favourite sauce? Melted gorgonzola cheese, cream and sage….yummy!

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