Al fresco

Al fresco a

The menu “Al fresco” is the classic Italian menu for the summer. A relaxed meal, often served outside, with “due portate”, two courses.

The first course, “piatto unico”, is a mix of savoury dishes, vegetables, fish & meat; the second course, “dolci”, is a variety of delicious finger food desserts.

The dishes are presented in big plates in the middle of the table, for you and your guess to share and enjoy. It is a mix of warm and cold dishes that could suit a meal in the comfort of your home; or as a repast in the garden, in the orangery, by the pool or as a sumptuous buffet.

To order your meal “Al fresco”, choose a variety of “piatti unici” and “dolci”, and I will organise your food down to the last detail(*). You can also add some dishes from my previous menus, like my homemade Tuscan sour-dough bread, my various schiacciatas, affettati, selection of Italian cheeses, salad, polpette & crocchette; please enquire for brochures.

Dishes can be modified in advance to cater for special dietary requirements: please call me to discuss.

You will need to book 48 hours in advance to give me time to acquire all the ingredients.

Piatti unici

Melanzane grigliate

Grilled aubergines with parsley, garlic and olive oil £4.50

Pomodori ripieni

Fresh tomatoes, filled with tuna, spring onions and mayonnaise £4.50

Rotolo di tacchino, con asparagi, prosciutto e frittata al formaggio

Turkey roll with asparagus, ham and cheese omelette £14.00

Insalata di riso

rice, olives, vegetables, Emmenthal, ham and mayonnaise £8

Pollo ai funghi

Chicken cooked in a creamy mushroom sauce £16.00

Pesce finto

“Fake fish”, made of tuna, potatoes, pickled onions and mayonnaise £8

Zucchine grigliate

Griled courgettes with capers,

herbs, spring onions,

balsamic vinegar and olive oil £4.50

Vitel tonnè

Rolled beef sirloin served with a tuna & anchovy sauce £16.00

“This delicacy has its origins in Piedmont in the late Middle Ages, when the ‘acciugai’, dealers of salted anchovies, were very common in this region.

At that time the price of salt was extremely high, and many Piedmontese farmers traveled along what we today know as the ‘Vie del sale’, salt roads, to Liguria, where they sold their products and bought salt at a more affordable price.They carried it back home in barrels hidden under layers of anchovies. The anchovies, having been in contact with the salt, had become more flavorful and were used for a variety of recipes like this”

Pomodori in teglia

Tomatoes cooked with herbs, garlic and olive oil £4.50

Melanzane alla parmigiana

Aubergines cooked in layers with tomatoes, parmesan cheese and basil £6.50

Rotolo di tacchino, con prosciutto, formaggio e funghi

Turkey roll with ham, cheese and mushrooms £16.00

Pomodori e mozzarella

Fresh tomatoes, buffalo mozzarella

and basil £8

Tonno e fagioli

Beans with tuna, spring onions and olive oil £6.50

Zucche ripiene

Courgettes filled with beef and pork, parmesan, garlic and herbs £14.50

Focaccia al tartufo e funghi

Traditional flat oven-baked bread, cooked with truffles, fresh mushrooms, and buffalo mozzarella £16.00

I buy truffles directly from the heart of Tuscany. These truffles, black or white, change with the seasons. They are hunted by the cercatore di tartufi with his dog when my order is made, and they arrive only 24 hours later


Peppers and potatoes cooked with garlic and olive oil £3.50

Carpaccio di bresaola, ruccola e parmigiano

Bresaola (Italian cured meat), served with parmesan & rocket in a lemon and olive oil sauce £12.00


Frittelle di riso

Fried balls of rice,

sultana and lemon zest 6.50

Crostatine di frutta

Small fruit tarts 6.50

Crostatine della nonna

Small custard tarts 6.50

Meringhe con frutta

Small meringues with cream and fruit 6.50


Almond and orange zest biscuits 6.50