Lunch and Dinner, Spring Menu


I offer delicious traditional Italian food for lunch or dinner for up to 40 people. Choose up to two dishes of each course in the menu, and I will organise your food down to the last detail (*); you will only need to relax and enjoy this Italian extravaganza in the confort of your own home.

I make some of the ingredients in my kitchen, such as bread and pasta, and assemble the courses in your house. The dishes can be modified in advance to cater for special dietary requirements: please call me to discuss.

You will need to book 48 hours in advance to give me time to acquire all the ingredients.



Canapés on Tuscan bread

Goat cheese, honey, truffle & almond

Basil, brie & caramelised cherry tomato

Chicken liver paté


Soft cheese, bresaola & rocket


Frittata canapés

Potato & cheese

Potato & peas

Potato & red pepper

Potato, red pepper & peas

Potato & herbs



Truffles & mozzarella cheese

Truffles, porcini & mozzarella cheese

Tomatoes & mozzarella cheese

Parma ham, cherry tomatoes & herbs


Price per item from £2.50

minimum order for each item 15




Pane Toscano con olio d’oliva delle colline Fiorentine

Homemade Tuscan sour-dough bread, served with olive oil from the Florentine Hills  £5

Schiacciata all’olio e rosmarino

Traditional oven-baked Tuscan bread, cooked with olive oil and rosemary  £5

Insalata Mista con Mozzarella di Bufalo

Mixed salad with Buffalo Mozzarella cheese £10.00

Assaggio di bruschette: ai pomodorini, ai fegatini, ai funghi e al caprino, miele e tartufi

A plate of different bruschettas: with tomatoes, with chicken liver pate, with mushrooms and with goat cheese, honey and truffle £15.00


I buy truffles directly from the heart of Tuscany. These truffles, black or white, change with the seasons. They are hunted by the cercatore di tartufi with his dog when my order is made, and they arrive only 24 hours later



Ravioli burro e salvia

Homemade parcels of pasta filled with spinach and ricotta cheese served with butter and sage £16.00


Paglia e Fieno Straw & Hay

Homemade green spinach-infused pasta (paglia), and egg pasta (fieno), dressed with butter, peas and ham £16.00


Gnocchi al gorgonzola e salvia

Homemade soft dumplings made with potatoes and served in a gorgonzola and sage cream sauce£16.00




Carrè d’agnello al timo e lardo di colonnata

Rack of lamb cooked in the oven with thyme and lardo di colonnata £18.00

Lardo di colonnata is made using two great Tuscan products: the white marble from the Apuan Alps, and pork, the main type of livestock in the region. The meat, together with with herbs, salt and pepper, is placed in marble basins that have been rubbed with garlic for 6 months. It is an extremely effective curing practice because it does not require any additives or preservatives.


Pork loin cooked in the oven with garlic and herbs £16.00

In 1430, the Byzantine Patriarch Bessarion arrived in Florence for the ecumenical council.

While tasting an excellent pork roast he said “Aristos” Greek for “the best, excellent”. The others sitting around the table thought that he was simply calling the roast pork by its Greek name. This is how they started calling pork roast “arista.”

Pollo al limone e basilico

Chicken cooked in the oven with lemon and basil £16


Torta salata


Torta Pasqualina

This savoury pie is an Italian Easter tradition. Spinach, boiled eggs, ricotta & parmesan cheese wrapped in puff pastry £8.00




Salmone al burro e olive verdi

Salmon cooked in the oven and served with a simple sauce of butter and green olives £14.00

Branzino alla pancetta con cipolle e arance in agrodolce

Fried in olive oil sea bass served with caramelised onions, orange zest and pancetta £16.00



Side dishes

Polenta fritta con rosmarino

Fried polenta seasoned with salt and rosemary £3.50

Insalata mista

Mixed salad £3.50

Patate arrosto

Roasted potatoes £3.50

Bietola o Spinaci

Lightly steamed chard or spinach £3.50

Verdure di stagione in forno

Roasted seasonal vegetables £3.50




Semifreddo al torrone

Almost-frozen creamy dessert, given texture with almonds & dark chocolate £6.50

Gelato di ricotta e Marsala con lingue di gatto

Creamy ricotta cheese and Marsala ice-cream served with Italian “cat’s tongue” biscuits  £6.50

Tartufo nero

Very chocolaty, creamy dessert on a thin base of meringue £6.50


I piatti di Giovanna

Dairy Cottage



tel: 01451 844450


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